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Kindergarten – Grade 6 Curricula

At the primary level, for children in Kindergarten to grade 6, our academic programme draws on aspects of the British, North American and Caribbean curricula. Children are placed in grades in the care of their grade teacher. All grades receive instruction in all of the core subject areas – Language Arts (English), Math, Social Studies and Science. Specialist teachers teach music, Art, Spanish and PE. Grades 4 to 6 also have IT with their class teacher in the specialist IT lab.

Language skills are developed across the curriculum and cumulatively through the grades. Students use and develop important linguistic skills as they read and think about topics, themes, and issues in various subject areas. Students learn to communicate with clarity and precision through a variety of media.

The Math curriculum recognizes that all students do not necessarily learn mathematics in the same way and within the same time frames. It supports equity by promoting the active participation of all students and by clearly identifying the knowledge and skills students are expected to demonstrate in every grade. It is based on the belief that students learn Mathematics most effectively when they are given opportunities to investigate ideas and concepts through problem solving and are then guided carefully into an understanding of the Mathematical principles involved.

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Grade 6 Curriculum

Grade 2 and 4 National Assessments

During the first week of June, grade 2 and grade 4 students sit national exams set by the Ministry of Education for Antigua and Barbuda. There are two exams in each grade, Language Arts and Maths. Students sit the exams in school and the results are released from the Ministry of Education over the following summer.

Grade 6 National Assessment

The Common Entrance Exams (CEE) is taken across Antigua in the first week of June every year. These assessments are used primarily as part of an admissions selection process for entry into Antiguan Grammar Schools and then other Secondary Schools thereafter.

The CEE examines students’ knowledge and skills in 4 areas: Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Students sit the exams on campus with external invigilators from the Ministry.

Grade 6 students are expected to independently complete 3 projects, known as School Based Assessment Projects, (CEE) for Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. The completion and assessment of these projects follows strict guidelines, which are provided by the Ministry of Education and are generally completed and submitted in May, these scores are included in the student’s final CEE grade.

At the beginning of June children will take 8 exams over the course of 2 days in Mathematics, Language Arts (English), Science and Social Studies. These exams are timetabled and adjudicated by the Ministry Of Education and are whole days.