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Financial Aid


Island Academy’s Bursary Fund allows students without the means to attend school on a partially paid participation fee basis. Each student is initially assessed on the basis of need, academic performance, and potential, and thereafter on attendance and behaviour records. The amount of funds available each year is based on the amount of donations received for that year, and once the funds have been distributed we are unable to process any late or incomplete applications. Decisions of the Bursary Committee are final.

It is important to note that there is a performance and conduct clause attached to each bursary. Students on bursaries will be reviewed each term and at the end of each school year. All students receiving financial assistance, must maintain excellent behavior, attendance and punctuality and organizational records every year. For secondary students, those in grade 7-13, they must achieve 70%, or above, in all of their subjects for the entire year to maintain their place on the bursary programme.

Parents wishing to apply for Island Academy’s Bursary Fund must do so before February 1. Forms are available at the office and on the website (below). Please phone or address a letter of intent to the Head of Administration/Bursar if you intend to apply for a bursary. The bursary does not carry forward from year to year, so all parents must re-apply each year.

Please download the application form here.