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National Competitions

Over the years at Island Academy we have been fortunate enough to take part in several of the national competitions organized by the Ministry of Education.

In term 1 we participate in the national, inter-schools football tournament. Our team is generally recruited from grade 7 upwards. Although the majority of our teams have been male, in the past we have had female teams that have performed brilliantly in national competitions.

In term 2 we participate in the boy’s, interschool basketball tournament. On several occasions we have brought home silverware to the school. Including the national championship in 2010/11 (check trophy case).

In 2015, Island Academy participated in the Zonal Sports Day competition, which consists primarily of formal running events. We finished the competition with several gold and silver medals in both sprinting and long distance individual and relay events. We will continue to participate in this competition and hope to improve our results as we learn and become more familiar with the events, rules and format.

We also participate in the national skipping competition organized by the Medical Benefits Scheme. We have a successful history at this competition, including the national championship for primary and secondary schools in 2010 (check trophy case) and many individual top-three finishers across all age groups in the speed competition.