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Primary Sports

Every grade at Island Academy (K-6) participates in twice weekly formal Physical Education classes. Classes focus on developing character through participation in physical activity, fitness and sports. Students learn problem solving skills and the importance of sportsmanship while developing multi-dimensional motor skills that will assist them with their athletic endeavors. We aim to make our classes fun and exciting to show the students that being active can be enjoyable and hopefully they will make physical activity a part of their lives outside of school.

In addition to physical education classes during the school day, Island Academy offers several after school sports for primary school students. In keeping with the school’s mission, the athletic department believes that the primary school sports program should offer a nurturing environment consistent with the international character of the school. We offer a games-based “Fun and Fitness” program, a football program and a cricket program for the older primary students who may be interested in getting involved competitively when they reach secondary school. In collaboration with parents and coaches, these programs will instill in all students respect and compassion for others. The program goals are to develop self-esteem and enable students to achieve their highest potential.

Through annual events like ‘Whole School Sports Day’ in term 2 and ‘Primary Beach Day’ in term 3 students are able to show their skill level and learn the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, dedication, and the joy of competition. We believe that all students should have an equal opportunity to participate regardless of ability. Primary student teams from Island Academy participate in friendly competition with other schools in sports such as football, cricket and running (Zonal Sports Day) and in the MBS National skipping competitions.We have won the Roth and Doumith Cups in football on several occasions in the past years. With our growing programs and improved athletic facilities, we hope to participate in and even host our own sporting competitions with other schools on island.

Students from IA participate in several different sports at the local, regional and international level; a few of these sports are as follows: swimming, sailing, tennis, football, cricket, athletics, basketball, equestrian and gymnastics.