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Secondary Sports

All Secondary students at Island Academy, from Form 1-5 participate in a minimum of two practical Physical Education Classes weekly and a minimum of one theoretical session weekly. The curriculum is designed to prepare students with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge they will need for success at the CESC level. Island Academy is the host for the Antigua CESC evaluations for Table Tennis.

Our Form 4 students are responsible for the planning and implementation of ‘Whole School Sports Day’ each January. Their experience and follow-up report are used as part of the CESC SBA.

Sports bring the school community together through friendly competition that promotes effort and fair play. Our secondary students participate in the inter-school leagues in football and basketball and national competitions such as the Zonal Sports Day and the MBS National Skipping Competition. We have recently won top honors in basketball, running and skipping. We intend to add many more sports programs as our facilities improve and interest grows, especially with our girls.