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Nicole Bento, Class of 2013

“It’s difficult to try and summarize two years of my life into a short paragraph. I could talk about the lessons I’ve learnt about time management, or even that the material from the IBDP has helped me so far through two years at Ryerson University in courses like Marketing, Statistics, and Psychology, but that isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. In hindsight, IBDP at Island Academy is so much more than Internal Assessments and CAS hours. The IBDP is an experience where you teeter on the edge between the familiarity of high school and the mentality of a university student, and with the academic and emotional support from teachers, you know you won’t fall.”

Hannah Prendergast, Class of 2013

“Completing the IBDP at Island Academy gave me the opportunity to develop great study habits and recognize the importance of time management, skills which have proved incredibly useful since my graduation. Unlike other college preparation programs, the IBDP curriculum introduces you to and keeps you interested in a variety of different subjects. This gives IBDP graduates a noticeable advantage in whichever field they choose to pursue in their university. By continuously emphasizing and improving essay writing techniques and vocabulary, the IBDP curriculum more than prepared me for the college application process and subsequent interviews. Whilst many people graduating high school in Antigua can and do get accepted into universities, they are usually within the ages of 15 – 17. The additional two years of IBDP not only allowed our class to achieve a greater level of education, but also gave us the time to develop socially and gain a maturity that is so greatly needed in the college environment.”

Lyla Bsomai, Class of 2014

“The IBDP might be hard, challenging and demanding but I do not regret it at all. Not only has it made me push myself to work harder as a student but also step outside of my comfort zone and get involved in society through CAS. Now, after taking a year off, the IBDP has prepared me to face the upcoming 5 years of university. It has helped me in terms of time management, analyzing and thinking outside the box. IBDP has also assisted me in finally deciding in majoring in English. IBDP clarified my love for English during class, learning and studying major works of authors and poets. In other words, the IBDP has not only helped me in my works but round me as an individual.”

Nakiya de Freitas, Class of 2016

“The IBDP at Island Academy is very comprehensive. So far, I have seen many improvements in both my thinking and literary skills. The level at which analytical skills plays a role in the program, is evident throughout the whole course. At first, it was really hard to adapt to the new type of teaching and the courses. However, I prefer it this way. The IBDP has many benefits to not only your present thinking and learning but it also gives you many options when applying to schools abroad.”

Nichola Hadeed, Class of 2016

“Enrolling in the IBDP at Island Academy has allowed me to develop excellent time management skills. In the short time I have been here, I have also developed friendships with many of my teachers, whose dedication and passion for teaching has inspired me. I am starting to feel confident about going to university next year, as the Program has strengthened my speaking, writing, and analytical skills immensely.”