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School Uniform

At Island Academy students are expected to wear the official school uniform at all times during the school day. We are unable to accept the government uniform vouchers.

At Island Academy students have 2 uniforms. Dress/Formal uniform should be worn everyday, accept on scheduled PE days. PE uniform should be worn on days students have PE scheduled.

The school reserves the right to send students home if they are not dressed in the correct uniform.


Purchasing Uniform

  • Polo shirts, PE shorts, T-shirts and ties are available directly from the school.
  • The Primary boys shorts, girls skirts and white shirts can be purchased at:
    • Happy Kids, Market Street, St. John’s
  • The Secondary skirt, long pants, button down shirt can be purchased at:
    • Ankidos, Redcliff Street (ex. Big Banana building), St. John’s, 462-1192The Secondary skirt, long pants, button down shirt can be purchased at:

The wearing of a uniform provides many advantages to our students, including safety and pride. Our uniform allows our students to be on equal footing, as family income is not obvious when students all wear the same uniform. Furthermore, students are more easily able to concentrate on their classroom activities when they do not have to worry about what to wear to school each morning!



  • Both primary and secondary students are expected to have 2 pairs of shoes for school.
  • Dress shoes’ are black, leather, or leather look, polishable schools. They should be flat, traditional and durable.
  • Running shoes’ are sports trainers. They should be as plain as possible.
  • Sneakers, Converse, Vans, other types of shoes are not permitted at school.


Primary Dress/Formal Uniform:

  • Girls: Navy blue skirt (no more than two inches above the knee), white fitted blouse with cap sleeves, and black dress shoes with white ankle socks.
  • Boys: Navy blue, shorts, white polo shirt with the school crest on it, black dress shoes and belt.


Primary PE Uniform:

  • Girls and boys: Navy blue drawstring shorts, white t-shirt with the IA logo, white socks and running shoes.


Secondary Uniform:

  • Dress/Formal Males: Navy blue trousers, white button-up dress shirt, blue school tie, black dress shoes and black belt.
  • Dress/Formal Females: Navy blue skirt (with bottom hem no more than two inches above the knee), white fitted shirt with quarter length sleeve, blue school tie, black dress shoes and white ankle socks.
  • Semi-formal Males: Nave blue trousers, white polo shirt with the IA school crest logo, black dress shoes and black belt.
  • Semi-formal Females: Navy blue skirt (with the bottom hem no more than two inches above the knee), white polo shirt with the IA school crest, black dress shoes and white ankle socks.

Either secondary school uniform option (formal or semi-formal) may be worn on regular school days. However, certain occasions, such as exams and special assemblies, will require all students to wear the formal uniform on those particular days. Undershirts or t-shirts, which are only to be worn under uniform shirts, are to be entirely white and the undershirt sleeves should not show under either the button down shirts or the IA polo shirts.

Students are not to add accessories to the uniform.



  • Students’ hairstyles should not be of a colour or style that distracts or interferes with learning. Long hair must be tied back.
  • Male students are not permitted to wear any type of jewelry.
  • Female students should not wear make-up or nail polish. Girls are permitted to wear one small pair of earrings (stud or small loop only).


Alternative Dress Day

Students may participate in alternative dress days to be held on the first Friday of each month (check Calendar for actual dates). Students who wish to participate will pay a fee of $3EC. This money will be collected by grade/homeroom teachers and sent to the office where it will be placed in the parent organization fund. Students who participate in alternative dress day must abide by the code as stated below.

Please remember that Alternative Dress Days are intended to be fun, but proper decorum must be exercised. Any questions about the Alternative Dress Day policy should be addressed directly to the Administration.