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At Island Academy we aim to encourage and promote a sense of confidence and an ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Since our first performance in 2001, Island Academy has set a precedent for productions that are far beyond the average school play; that involve character study, focus on timing and delivery, live music and singing, elaborate costumes, and complex set design.

Every year, our Primary and Secondary students rotate to stage a major production to be viewed by the general public. Our script is traditionally based on a classic story, which is then adapted to incorporate current events and issues, as well as humour.

Each production is usually performed for two consecutive evenings on Antigua’s most professional stage (Cathedral Cultural Centre) before parents, dignitaries and a general audience. Every performance has received acclaimed reviews in Antigua’s press. One student’s performance made such an impression on the audience that he was awarded a one year, full scholarship to the Lee Strasberg School of Acting in New York.

Productions to date

Peter Pan (2017)
Aladdin (2016)
The Night before Christmas (2016)
Frozen (2015)
The Nativity (2015)
Grease (2014)
Little Mermaids (2013)
Arabian Nights (2013)
Tiddler on the Reef (2013)
Midsummers Night Dream (2012)
Footloose (2011)
Oliver! (2010)
Bugz (2010)
1001 Arabian Nights (2008)
The Pirates of The Caribbean & The Emerald Scripts (2008)
The Wizard of Oz Antigua Visa Denied (2006)
Irie Nemo (2005)
Macbeth (2004)
Rumpus in the Rainforest (2003)
The Three Piggy Opera , and The Wolf Bites Back (2002)