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Field Trips

Like any progressive school, Island Academy firmly embraces the concept of extramural learning, supplementing traditional classroom academics with excursions into the real world where ideas are put into action, theories are tested, and history is revisited.

Properly planned and appropriately age-targeted, excursions into the community and natural environment are not limited to secondary, but extend down right to Kindergarten, and run the gamut from artistic, to scientific, to political, not only on Antigua and Barbuda, but also further afield. Thus, in the course of any school year all students have the opportunity to interact with the rich and various area of the world which they find themselves lucky to inhabit, and access the living library of the Caribbean.

A partial list of some of the field trips undertaken in recent years includes:

  • Jumby Bay Desalination Plant
  • All-Antigua AIDS Awareness Conference
  • Paddles Eco-Tour
  • Sting Ray City
  • Habitat for Humanity, Dominican Republic
  • Sail Trip to Montserrat
  • Ziplining Canopy Tour
  • Museum and gallery visits
  • Bird Island Marine Biology excursion
  • Abbatoir
  • ICT Fest
  • Humane Society
  • Strawberry Hill trek
  • Antigua Reading Competition
  • Walling’s Reservoir Environmental Impact Study
  • Betty’s Hope Historic Sugar Cane Mill